sasha. twenty-five. lover of tv, comedy and amy poehler. music and movies and food are good too. so is sleeping. I like sleeping. basically, if you like parks and rec, 30 rock, arrested development, breaking bad, funny ladies, adam scott, animals, and hot musicians, you'll like this blog I trust.

formerly arnettandpoehler

 gary penises

It's basically a bunch of screaming and crying.


somewhere in pawnee, indiana tumblr user ben talltyrionlannister is really popular in the game of thrones fandom probably

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He’s my friend who’s opening a restaurant tonight and you’re going to be there, cousin.

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Get to know me meme: 5 favorite episodes [3/5]

Parks and Recreation - The Comeback Kid

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I’m so sorry I’m kicking your ass in pizza fight.

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