sasha. twenty-five. lover of tv, comedy and amy poehler. music and movies and food are good too. so is sleeping. I like sleeping. basically, if you like parks and rec, 30 rock, arrested development, breaking bad, funny ladies, adam scott and cats, you'll enjoy this blog. oh one more thing, I talk a lot about butts. you'll get used to it.

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 gary penises

It's basically a bunch of screaming and crying.
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Okay, we are going to have a doctor’s appointment and then after that we can probably tell people so just hang in there, please.

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you wanna get super drunk? (part 1)

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ben wyatt in
↳ 6.20, one in 8000

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There’s your healthy baby!

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Parks and Recreation S06E20 | Fine, I’ll tell you the secret.

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2x13 // 6x20

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