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 gary penises

It's basically a bunch of screaming and crying.




i dont want to do anything ever

I’ve never related to anything more

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Anonymous said: Why is John Lennon bad


Master Post on Why John Lennon is Shit

So here’s a master post of John Lennon’s shittiness. I added much more info about cultural appropriation in his music. I also submitted this to Your Fave is Problematic


Homophobia and antisemitism



Harassment/bullying/acts of violence

  • Committed various humiliating/violent actstoward strangers and friends: threw knives at people in the audience at concerts, being a violent drunk and getting in fights with friends, etc.; also dubbed Germans at a concert “Nazis” and “Hitlerites”
  • he may have beenresponsible for the death of former bandmate Stuart Sutcliffe, on top of more heinous behavior, including urinating on nuns
  • Edit:there are tons of conflicting accounts of Stuart Sutcliffe’s
    death. There’sthis accountfrom Sutfliffe’s sister that Lennon beat Sutcliffe savagely after learning he was leaving the group—which may or may not have lead to death by complications later (but she alsoclaimsthe beating didn’t lead to his death, but it still did damage). There are other accounts whichclaim that thugs attacked Sutcliffe and gave him the injury or thatSutcliffe fell down a flight of stairs— there were even rumors of it being caused by amphetamine use or a tumor (those seem to be bogus)— we can’t know for sure what the true story is (but it’s not unthinkable that someone with Lennon’s history of abuse would do this)

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Favorite Celebs | Amy Poehler

Any time you can have perspective about what you have in your life and what you can give, that’s good for your mind and soul. That rush, feeling like I’m doing something besides looking at my phone, or worrying about the next job, or complaining about traffic — that can give you a lot of gratitude

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splendiferousmind said: I just moved to Chicago for school! What do you recommend?

Yay! What school? Depending on where you go to I may be able to give you some more detailed recs!

I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for but I guess I’ll give you some basics haha. I’d say definitely go see shows at Second City and iO! Navy Pier is tourist central, but it’s fun there; as is Millennium Park. The Museum of Science and Industry is so much fun, definitely my favorite of the Chicago attractions. I’d say google all the museums and look up free days. I believe they all have days where admission is free! The Art Institute is always a good time as well.

Also, look up movies in the park. They’re are some parks that show movies for free. Just google Movie in the Park Chicago and it should give some info, though that might be ending soon since summer’s almost over.

In terms of food, Giordano’s of course! Gino’s East is always really good. Grand Lux Cafe is a good/slightly pricey place if you want something ~fancy~

Some fun neighborhoods are Boys Town, Logan Square, and Wicker Park. Lots of cool restaurants, thrift stores and record stores and stuff. There’s a lot more, but yeah I hope this is a good start! I can give you more info if you’d like based on where you’re going to school :)

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Anonymous said: so why do you always talk shit about white people if you're white yourself?


but i am white…

wait …. what the FUCK

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August 30: Rihanna hydro jet surfing in Sardina, Italy


August 30: Rihanna hydro jet surfing in Sardina, Italy

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